What an awesome experience today training with Rigan Machado and having the honor of Chuck Liddell as my partner. Here are a few lessons from this experience:

1) There was something so incredible about Chuck’s work ethic that really affected me today. No wonder he’s the champion. I remember doing a pretty complicated drill (for me) with him when Rigan asked us to repeat it ten times each. I was on number seven when I ran out of gas and started thinking “OMG I have three more to go!” When it was his turn, Rigan saw Sensei Benny Urquidez so he walked away to greet him. Chuck didn’t even notice that Rigan was gone and kept doing the drill (nineteen times) until Rigan noticed it, came back and stopped us.

2) I love the way Rigan can communicate his message through individual feedback based on our learning modalities. He is a master teacher in this.

3) I admire Chuck’s willingness to learn and how he interacted with Rigan and Sensei Benny.

4) I found myself wanting to do better and better; maybe just to let Chuck know what I’m capable of or perhaps because the standard was raised.

5) Sensei Benny was there the entire time watching me and Chuck doing drills and I love how he was so involved; at one point I even wanted to ask him to join (and I knew he would have). He is a great reminder of being a student for life.

6) Chuck is the real deal and I am going to be very sore tomorrow...

7) I want to paint my toenails but I know I have to check with Chuck's teacher John Hackleman first...