Thank you for signing me up at TKC. I love studying and practicing martial arts.

Now I confess, sometimes I might say that I want to quit, but what I really mean is that I need your help to get refocused.

I love what I'm learning and I know it's good for me. Don’t let me quit.

Oh, and please come watch me on the mats.

I don’t mind if you are on your phone BUT every once in awhile, look up and give me a smile or a “thumbs up.”

And after class, tell me that you love watching me train and work hard. Sometimes that's all I need to take my experience from good to GREAT.

Ask Sensei how I am doing once in a while; he likes it when you ask him.

Sensei talks about the same things you have always taught me BUT I listen better here; on the mat. I don’t know why. But I remember hearing it before.

Sensei always asks me to look him in the eye when I talk to him. I sometimes forget to do that with you. I am sorry. Please remind me, gently, how important that is.

Sensei says that soft drinks and sugar are poison to our bodies. I love sugar and soft drinks but maybe we can all cut down on it as a family. That would be a lot easier for me and good for all of us.

I think I am going to be a Black Belt. I know that’s what you always wanted for yourself and now for me.

I will share my lessons with you. Maybe we could be Black Belts together?

And just for your information, you are already a Black Belt in my mind.

I love you.

Your Child