The online university of Sensei Fariborz is a unique collection of martial arts knowledge. What I especially like about his lessons is the principle-based structure. 

The portal not only delivers first-class teaching content, but also great marketing ideas that you can customize yourself with Photoshop.

If you are looking for high quality material, Sensei Fariborz is the number one.

My students benefit greatly from my new principles-based teaching.

Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom.

Sascha Sander


Thank you so much Sensei Fariborz for your help.

I follow you for about 4 years and some of your ideas helped me a lot. Your way of expressing integrity I adopted in my life and at my karate school.

The last book I got it from you is great and helped me to be even more aware especially about the safety during my classes. I didn’t read it all because I like yo go step by step with the actions. 

Thank you for all you have done for me all those years.

Alexandru Sorin

The online program that has been developed I have found to be easy to access, use and understand with the excellent way it has been structured.

The content is as I have always found to be very informative and goes through the principles to ensure that as a student I can see how it is build up from the ground and then can be applied into any situation. It complements well my existing knowledge and helps build a better knowledge base that both I can use and teach others.

This information is a great learning tool that everybody should use and take the time to learn and experience.

The courses are easily best in class in scope of knowledge, breadth of application, ability to be integrated into existing experience and simple and easy to use for anybody.

I can highly recommend Sensei Fariborz Azhakh learning programs to all those who are looking to build their knowledge and understanding of martial arts and life skills.   

Kind regards,

Grandmaster Paul Mracek

Thank you for all you do for the martial arts industry!

The materials and information you share has been some of the most helpful and useful information I have experienced. Your philosophies and insights to the martial arts and especially regarding the leadership of instructors are inspiring and extremely helpful because they come from your heart and are genuine.  Thank you again for all you do and mostly, thank you for being you!

Your friend always!

Roberto Serrano

I would like to thank you for providing the very easy online curriculum system for martial arts schools.

I have been teaching Tae Kwon do for over 30 years, tried many tools, ideas for my school from all over the world, 

By far your system is easy to use, very detailed and well explained, works with any other martial arts styles. 

I can’t wait to use it as soon as the pandemic is over.

I highly recommend for school owners to try it.

Thank you so much.

Sam Hadaf 

Owner of Eagle Martial Arts, La Jolla 

The Martial Arts on line school as been a great resource of information and programs for owners,instructors and students that has complemented my martial arts school.

Over the years I have purchased a number of different programs through electronic and hard copies plus facebook groups but now to have it all in one simple to access online portal is fantastic. I would recommend the Martial Arts on line school to all school owners who are looking at that something extra for either their systems or programs.

Like many others I took full advantage of the free programs offered by Mr Fariborz during this Covid 19 period of uncertainity for our industry and look forward to using them when our training resumes back to normal.



Michael J Scott  

Thank you. I Can only describe this manual as a solid bone structure for the body of any martial arts school. Clearly alot of experience and knowledge went into creating this. Your need to share is acknowledged and greatly appreciated. Thank you Sensei Fariborz . Greetings from Sifu Andre from Somerset West Kung Fu Academy in South Africa.

Andre de Wit Kruger

Sensei Fariborz online curriculum enhances your understanding of Combatives & deepens your Martial Arts knowledge!

Alan Azizi, B.P.E.

Master Instructor

8th Degree Black Belt

Vancouver Martial Arts

My experience with Master Fariborz Azhakh and his teachable programs are selfless and second to none.

The content is innovative and easy to follow. I’ve been in the martial arts profession for 35 years. I would recommend a novice as well as an expert to explore his content.

Keith Elkins

President/Elkins Karate Center, Inc.

Yes l have been following and working with not only some of the information l have purchased from you but also a lot of the information you have kindly shared with us free of charge.      

It has helped me add to my own curriculum and my own personal growth.

Thank you 


Shihan John

Shusei Kai Martial Arts

It's said "Give and you shall receive", if that's the case, Master Fariborz Azhakh is facing an avalanche. 

Master Fariborz is the most generous, giving man in the entire martial arts community. He gives without expectation of gratitude or acknowledgment. Theres a lesson in that.

Terry Donnelly 

Both of my boys, ages 5 and 8, love participating in their karate class via the online curriculum. I love that it keeps them active while we are home and that they are reviewing and learning new material.

Rachel McCauley, MS, CCC/SLP, MT-BC

"Sensei Fariborz is my #1 go-to for martial arts instruction. His online library of information isn't just clear, it isn't just helpful. It is more. It is the gold standard for online martial arts learning... so good that I recommended it to my own personal newsletter subscribers, numbering in the tens of thousands. Sensei Fariborz understands martial arts down to a microscopic level (which is rare enough) and can also teach them with clarity, enthusiasm, and strength (which is even rarer). So run, don't walk, to this treasure trove!" -

Michaelbrent Collings, internationally-bestselling author, screenwriter, and black belt

I have been watching, and re-watching, Sensei Fariborz’s video tutorials and I recommend them for every martial artist, especially instructors.

Not because they contain excellent information, THEY DO! Not because they will make you into the next Bruce Lee, THEY MIGHT!

I recommend them for TWO reasons:

I watch them, I pick up another snippet of information that I may have missed before. An angle, a word used to describe an action, or

even something in the background.

These tutorials get you thinking. As an instructor, I am always looking to improve myself. These videos give me the opportunity to do just that.

They spark the thought processes that ignite your own inventive mind. I love sharing and comparing information with instructors of everything;

sports, shooting, kindergarten education, etc, and this is a way to pick the mind of someone that has been there and done that.

I fully recommend these tutorials to make you better!

- Eric LaLone

  Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you! I have implemented the Life Skills Challenge as part of my curriculum during the challenging times of this pandemic, Covid 19.

My students must complete their own community leadership service project to advance to their next belt. However, due to the pandemic, we have not been in the dojo to help support them. I set them up with the Life Skills Challenge, thanks to Mr. Azhakh and they were so engaged and the parents loved it!

I will send some photos in a separate email.

Thank you for all you do. I wish I had more time to complete your manual, but it is such a difficult time now, that I am doing all I can to keep my dojo afloat. 

Continued success! Stay calm and carry on! "It's the way of our people"!

Warm Regards,

Michelle Del Giorno-Sensei

I began using Sensei Fariborz material in early 2003 and have been a proud supporter of his work ever since.

“I first bought his book and the TKC Hapkido DVD’s and his book and never looked back. The Meditation Lessons for my students during the COVID-19 Pandemic helped reduce their stress and anxiety. As part of our curriculum, the Parkour Module is top-notch! Easy to implement without being a gymnast or having a ton of extra equipment. It helped me gain a competitive edge in our market place. This material is a must for anyone looking to create excitement for their students, empower their community outreach, grow as a leader, all while learning life skills as an adult from a gentle-hearted warrior. Thank you, Sensei, for being so selfless in so many ways!”

Anything else I can do please let me know and thank you for your kindness and generosity,

Master Brent Tibbetts

3-Tigers Martial Arts

I have enjoyed your online courses immensely. There is such a plethora of knowledge on there. 

For me, even if I learn one thing or another way to look at something I am already doing, it helps me out tremendously. I also really enjoy the talks you have with some of the greats in the martial arts world as well as some of your students.  For me, this information is invaluable, and I appreciate you as a martial artist and a human being. Thank you for being so giving. 


Chris Natiello

Sensei Fariborz Azhakh on line training program is absolutely the best on line program available don’t waste your time looking around to find a better program.

He is absolutely head and shoulders above all others with his unique training style he has perfected with over 30 years in the Martial Arts Business. As a school owner I often use his program to improve my teaching curriculum for my students. One of the best investments you will ever make!

Respect & Honor Martial Arts.

Sensei Gregory Odom

I just wanted to let you know that Blue Dragon Martial Arts is proud and happy to be a part of your online portal.

I have always found the information you provide to be first rate quality. I have used many of your marketing tools to help our school grow. 

Thank you for making your knowledge and experience available to the martial art community. Here's a brotherly hug for my fellow martial artist, sending best wishes to you, your students, and all that take advantage of your wealth of knowledge'

Sensei Juan Harnett

Blue Dragon Martial Arts

For everyone that owns a Martial Arts school it is always a challenge to find materials and services that  actually match up with the message we want to communicate to our students. Ethics and values, in some cases, have been pushed aside so that the focus is one of making more money and not on helping our students and providing good old fashioned value. Master Azhakh has taken a different approach that has long been needed in our industry, of providing the best information and services so that all school owners can get the type of materials needed to return to the traditional values that real martial artists have enjoyed since the beginning of their training.

I first met Master Azhakh 15 years ago when he graciously hosted The Ultimate Black Belt Test at his school where we were allowed to train, teach and sleep as part of our test. Everyone there instantly recognized his giving nature and were impressed with him as both a thinker and a doer. Over the years I've had the  pleasure of using his innovative products and continue to be amazed with his creativity in providing the  very tools that we need as school owners to set ourselves apart. Often the products he creates are the very thing I've always wished I had the time to do myself. Truly the most impressive characteristic that Master Azhakh display is his continued generosity in giving his products to the industry at prices that every school owner can afford. In many cases he has given them away for nothing more than a thank you and knowing that they will be put to good use in our communities. How many Master Instructors do you know  who would do something like that?

So if your looking for an honest person with meaningful programs that can help you in a positive, ethical way, then you have found him. I'm looking forward to his next great offering.

Sifu Charles Chí

Your On-line portal that you have been overly generous with is without a doubt one of the best things I've seen in many years. The best part is in everything included in each category you held nothing back and in fact you included so many "extra's" that I think those could have stood up alone in the quality of these courses. The quality you offer in every one of these modules make me question my own curriculum....

I am beyond humbled at your giving attitude these days and am very proud to have you as a "Martial Arts Brother" ...if I may say so.

Tim Mullis

AKF Black Belt Academy

Phoenix Arizona